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From the R71, turn into Haenertsburg at the stop sign. There will be a petrol station on your left. Take the first right turn, onto Rush street. You will pass the police station, and then reach a T junction with an untarred road. You will see a small marker for Copperwing. Take a left on the dirt road. Within the first 500m, there are two forks. Take the left fork both times, following the Copperwing markers.  


Continue straight up a bumpy road through a pine forest. Don’t worry, it’s less than a KM! Pass a small turnoff to the left, and you are almost there. The road goes straight into the Copperwing Guesthouse.


If you are arriving at night, or in heavy rain, and are unsure you will be able to find us, give us a call, and we can make arrangements to meet you in Haenertsburg.  We are always happy to help you arrive safely. We are also happy to help organise pick ups or drop offs to nearby hiking locations or other attractions if need be. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Out guesthouse is outside the village of Haenertsburg, on a bumpy dirt road. It is not far, and in normal circumstances, the road is fine for all cars, and if you just take the bumps a bit slowly you will have no trouble. However, if it has been raining for 2-3 days in a row, the road gets very muddy, and can even be challenging with a 4x4. Please don't hesitate to call ahead to check the condition of the road. We are happy to pick you up in a 4x4, to come on foot with umbrellas, or to try and assist with alternative accommodation in the village, if the road condition is a deterrant.

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Road D2.2, Portion 10, Hove Farm, Haernetsburg, Limpopo  

Tel: +27 78 877 5846

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